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Nothing lasts forever, and your buildings elevator is no exception. However, by following a structured maintenance program you can extend the useful life of your elevator, improve safety, save money on costly repairs, and reduce down time.  We offer a variety of programs and payment terms to meet your needs from full spectrum maintenance to basic maintenance and inspections.  Our technicians are able to offer meaningful service on all brands of elevators and escalators including equipment others consider obsolete.


At ABE we are committed to providing prompt, reliable service to all who call on us whether you are a regular customer or a first time caller.  We offer full service repairs to all makes and models of elevators and escalators using only OEM parts.  With more locally based certified technicians on staff than any other company we are ready to respond 24/7 to your service needs.


Are you experiencing increased repair costs, more than normal downtime, or complaints about ride quality?  If so it may be time to consider a system upgrade.  Let us evaluate your elevator and recommend the modernization program that meets your needs and caters to your budget.  We offer full modernization, staged upgrades, and component replacement at prices that make sense.  By upgrading your system you can increase safety, improve ride quality and be assured that you are meeting all current safety codes.


We are an authorized installer of all major brands.  Our staff can work with your architect and contractor to design the system that best suits your needs.  From limited use residential systems and handicapped lifts to heavy duty commercial applications you can depend on Atlantic Blueridge to do the job on time and on budget.